G O L D   C O V E R A G E

The Gold Package is our most popular choice. It offers dual digital camera HD coverage of your wedding ceremony combined with a third wide-angle, stationary video camera. The option of having three cameras at your ceremony opens the door to dynamic opportunities.  For instance: Simultaneously capturing a tight shot of your soloist performing while another camera slowly pans your guests while yet another captures the both of you at the altar.  We will typically be onsite for six hours. A slow motion highlight chapter of your entire day, set to music, is also included with this package. When your project is complete you will receive 1 high definition Blu Ray disc plus 3 master copies on DVD.  Along with the extra camera operator and reception coverage, the Gold Package is simply a great value.

Key features of the Gold Package

· Triple Camera Coverage

· 1 Blu-Ray disc plus 3 copies on DVD

· 6 Hours Onsite

$ 1 3 7 9



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