P L A T I N U M   C O V E R A G E

The Platinum Package offers dual operator, HD coverage of your wedding ceremony plus a third stationary camera. Included in this package is our commitment to be onsite for up to eight hours. The Platinum Package is ideal for those who desire a high quality video recording of their wedding day (including pre-ceremony coverage).  A slow motion highlight chapter of your entire day (set to music) is also included with this package. In addition you will also receive a multi picture  photo montage with your choice of up to three songs.
When your project is complete you will receive 1 high definition Blu Ray disc plus five master copies on DVD. 
The Platinum Package offers you the ability to have your wedding captured from a variety of angles and we will remain on site (including setup time) for up to 8 hours if need be to make sure nothing important is missed.


Key features of the Platinum Package

· Triple Camera Coverage + Photo Montage + Highlight Chapter

· 1 Blu-Ray disc plus 5 copies on DVD

· 8 Hours Onsite

$ 1 7 7 9



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